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At last, the long awaited Mallet Player's Toolbox is here!
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This 88-page, 10 lesson method for mallets can be a stand-alone method or may be used in conjunction with the popular Snare Drummer's Toolbox.

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The Mallet Player's Toolbox comes with a data CD that contains:

  • A student PDF addendum containing a keyboard chart, more in-depth major/minor & blues scale exercises and arpeggios as well as additional lesson exercises for more practice with particular notes, rhythms, etc... Also included are two mallet parts and a timpani part for the Toolbox percussion ensemble, "Tools of the Trade", as well as additional timpani exercises.

  • A director's PDF addendum containing all of the solos/duets & exercises, in score form, with both snare & mallet parts that work together from both books. The "Tools of the Trade" complete score with new mallet and timpani parts.

  • Over 25 Play-Along-Trax that work for all mallet & snare solos/duets from the Toolbox curriculum.

  • Fun Groove Trax of drum-line, beat-box & rhythm section styles at various tempos to be used for more stimulating practice.

  • Click Trax of various tempos from 60bpm to 180bpm.

  • The piano accompaniment to the included solo "Justnata Sonata". Both with and without the solo mallet part.
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What Folks Say! . . .

  • The MPTB is replete with the kind of information that the finest percussion educators use daily. Not only is there great technical information, but really superb tips, additional information and music theory materials. Band directors will love this book! There's a logical pacing that will flow nicely with any method book and the information is clear, fun and easy to understand. It's like having a private mallet teacher with you everyday! Band directors, instructors, and student percussionists should own this book.
    David England / Blackman Middle Band / Nashville, TN

  • The Mallet Player's Toolbox" is one of the most clearly (and logically) written method books I've seen. Equally usable as a teaching method or stand alone instructional text, John takes a musically holistic approach, creatively introducing multiple concepts to the student simultaneously, even including composition in the mix at each level. A welcome addition to my library, I strongly recommend "The Mallet Player's Toolbox" to any teacher working with student mallet players, and every young aspiring orchestral percussionist.
    Ward Durrett / WGI Hall of Fame

  • I have been through every inch of this book. John has come up with a "Fun" way for young percussionists to enjoy learning mallet percussion. I can honestly say that the Mallet Tool Box will mostly definitely fill a void in beginning keyboard percussion literature.
    Lalo Davila / Percussion Professor, Middle Tennessee State University, Murfreesboro, TN

  • The Mallet Toolbox is not only methodical in it's approach to teaching keyboard percussion, it is creative and fun! Whether being used as a companion to the fantastic Snare Drummer's Toolbox or as a stand alone method book, the Mallet Toolbox is a must have for your percussion library. The Mallet Toolbox can be used with private students, beginning percussion class, or it can be a resource for that precocious student that has the discipline to learn on their own. The Toolbox Series literally walks students through all the necessary steps they need to be successful as developing percussionists.
    Julie Hill, DMA University of Tennessee at Martin / Associate Professor of Music, Percussion / Cunningham Outstanding Scholar/Educator / Hardy Graham Distinguished Professorship / Secretary, Percussive Arts Society